Single Males

Please read fully before applying:

Single Males have 2 options. Full Membership, or Flirts Membership.

This page is for Full Membership


Full swinging single male membership that includes Friday nights main events, needs to be applied for in advance.

These forms are checked by our office, please allow 48 hours for a response, and if we currently have room for new members, we will reply with an acceptance email. If we are currently full, we will reply with a waiting list email. If “Approved” you are welcome at Xtasia. You will need legal ID, such as a Plastic Driving Licence, or a passport with an associated household bill. These will be checked against your application form, and if all ok, then £40 annual membership will be due, alongside the price for entry on the event you attend. Please use the description field to tell us about any previous club experience, and your expectations of membership at Xtasia.

If you’ve been a member of the club previously, but this has now expired, just come along with ID and we’ll quickly renew your membership for you at the current rate. You don’t need to re-apply here.

We do keep our eye on single males quite closely, especially during the early membership days. This will allow us to determine if the individual matches our criteria for the club, which revolves around dress code, attitude, friendliness, good personal hygiene, conversation ability, etc. All the qualities we expect the single guys to have within our club. As the number 1 swingers club in the UK, we wish to ensure the guys meet a high standard. If you fit, then full membership will be retained, if not then after a short period we will say so and after a couple of quiet warnings, we reserve the right to terminate the membership, without refund.

To apply, please complete the attached application form and we will advise on the next steps by return. (Please note, this may be a polite “No” as the current space for single guys is fully taken up).

Single Male Swinging Annual Membership is £40.

Entry prices vary and are found on the event listing.

Please note, some nights certain areas of the club are off limits to single men.

Please note, membership will not automatically be renewed each year. We work on the basis that many couples might quietly point out to us a certain persons poor behaviour, rather than make a scene about it. If 3 or more of these pointers are made over the course of a year, then that persons membership will not be renewed. More serious complaints will be dealt with by removing a persons membership there and then and no refund on Membership costs will be given.

No payment is taken at this stage and you will get a membership card on 1st visit to the club. Your 12 months will start from the day you first attend.