Flirts & Cinema

At the front of the Xtasia club is a pub. This is Flirts Bar and is open to all Members. A specific day membership called Flirts and Cinema Only is available for those seeking day time fun and a safe and intimate meeting place during the evenings. If you hold a full club membership for swinging or fetish, that is also fine for access to Flirts during the day.

Everything from the metal gates and fencing at the front of the property is now considered to be part of Xtasia, and is covered by our licence. This means, the second you pass through into the complex, then you are on swingers/fetish territory. You can relax and start to enjoy the experience. Flirt’s bar is just part of this, a place where you can come along, relax and chat to others, mingle and make friends, without any pressure at all to take things further. Its the pre-club bar, and the main venue for our new cinema experience during the week.

Flirt’s serves most of the drinks available in the main club, at the same low prices. Alcohol, soft drinks, tea’s and coffee’s, plus snacks are all available. We have a log fire for the colder nights, and a lovely pool table. The shelves are full of erotic novels and books on the scene, plus a collection of pub games is slowly building up.

We now have a superb 40 seater cinema, with quality cinema seating, and a large screen showing the latest porn films. If we run a specific event, such as a bi night, then the films will mirror this. Downstairs we now have a lovely playroom, 4 king size doubles, with seating, and a small fetish area for specific events.

A sun terrace is open during the summer months for all members to use, with safe naked sunbathing allowed.

Flirt’s is open:

– Access to sun deck allowed from 11am during the summer

– Monday to Thursdays 11am to Midnight 
– Bar open Friday 11am to 8pm

- Saturdays from 2pm to 8.00pm
- Sundays Closed

Please note, you must be a member of the club, be accepted as a member of the club, or be attending a club event to come into the complex. We are not open to the public. If attending for the first time you must have legal ID with you, proving your name, age and address.

No money is taken at this stage, you pay the membership when you first attend. 

Single males are £20 per year membership. Please note this does not get you in to our main events on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Couples and ladies join via the normal couple and lady options.