Acceptable Behaviour Policy

Xtasia members expect a certain level of mutual respect, manners, and scene etiquette to be followed by all attending.

This includes:

No means No

Anyone can say "No", at any point. If they do, then play must stop immediately. "No" can be used at any point during the interaction, from standing at the bar chatting, to playroom interaction.

"No" can also be implied, for example, "I'd rather you didn't" or "Not for me" should be interpreted as a No" 

If you feel the above is being ignored by anyone, please tell staff immediately, not at the end of the night!

Must ask to Touch

You must at all times, ask to touch somebody else. If you touch someone without consent in a sexual way, it is deemed to be a sexual assault! Groping someone's bottom as they walk past is assault.  It also applies to all members, be they male or female. Often, late at night after a few drinks, ladies can be worse than men, so please be aware this one rule applies to all. 

If you feel the above is being ignored by anyone, please tell staff immediately, not at the end of the night!

Interaction is Key

You are attending Xtasia to meet other people, with a view to potentially having sex with them. Why would you not want to chat to them first? Wandering around the club, hoping to stumble across someone playing, and then being allowed to join in with them is frowned upon. Please, make an effort to socialise, make new friends, and then enjoy the night. Lurkers may be asked to leave the club!

Drink and Drugs

We cannot stop you from consuming too much alcohol or drugs before attending the club. What we can do is turn you away when you arrive if we feel you are too intoxicated, or not with it. Please, don't waste a journey to us if arriving in this state.

We retain the right to refuse to serve you more alcohol during the evening, if we feel you have had enough. Safety of our members is key, and we don't want you in the playrooms, unable to give your sober consent. 

If we catch you taking any kind of recreational drugs in our premises, the police may well be involved. We have a zero tolerance policy. 


Xtasia is a genuine swingers club. We are here for people who enjoy sexual encounters with others, without any payment involved. If you are asked to pay for sex by any member on site, please report them to us immediately and they will be removed from the building and their membership will be revoked. 

Phone Policy

Phones are not allowed beyond reception, unless specific authority is granted by management. If you see anyone using a phone in the building please report it to staff straight away. 

Our aim is to protect you from any photo's emerging of you in our venue on any social media platform or press outlets. 

There is no excuse for having a phone.

  • "The babysitter might need us" - please go to reception and check your phone every 30 minutes.
  • "I need to check my sugars level" - again please nip to reception and check as frequently as you wish
  • "My Mum is on her last legs and I'm awaiting a call" - why the hell are you here? 
  • "I need to pay for drinks with my phone" - please plan in advance and bring cash or a card. 

What goes on in Xtasia

....   Stays in Xtasia

Please do not talk about who you've seen in the club to others. Personal privacy is important to us all, and real names and information being broadcast outside the club is deemed very bad etiquette. 

If you stumble across a friend who you didn't expect to find here, the best approach is to walk up to them, say hi, and explain how the above policy should work perfectly for you both. You don't want them to say they'd seen you here, and likewise they should feel the same. 

If you wish to leave someone a review or verification on 3rd party web sites, please ensure you use their web site alias, and not refer to them by their real names. 

Aggression in Xtasia

Any form of aggression towards another member in the club will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with anyone, please bring it to the staff as soon as possible, and allow us to deal with it. 

Ensure you can clearly identify the other person involved, and then find a staff member (bar, door staff or management) and inform them of what has happened. 

If anyone punches another member, whatever the reason, they will be banned for life from the club. Please make sure this isn't you. 

Addressing any Issues

If you have any questions or issues with the above, and feel it needs to be addressed with Xtasia, please contact us directly via email or by telephone, at [email protected] or 07850 236053.