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22nd Feb 2024

Busy day today, the first with our new look web site running, or at least trialling as a few bugs to sort out at the moment.

Gives you the ability to book a hotel room, and, or, a spa day with us directly rather than call the club, so a lot easier for you all.


Its also pushed us into revamping some of the club images, about time in all honesty, and the club tour will need doing soon as well. 

Spa is so close to opening. Check out the images on the new site and you'll see what we mean. Exciting times and can't wait for full operation. Should be a buzz around the entire venue from 11am in the morning soon, with folks utilising the spa as well as Flirts amenities. 

Also had a chat with event hosts last night. Bringing in a new night on a Saturday, aimed at the more sexually adventurous couples, called "Hardcore". Watch out for the diary appearance probably in April.