The following independant Reviews have been left about us on various swinger web sites, or mailed to us, over the recent past. If you'd like one to be added under your names, please just email us and we'll add it for you. Happy to hear both positive and negative comments, as we need to know what needs to be altered to get things right long term.

  • With the bad weather (Beast from the East) potentially affecting the weekend, they postponed the Incognito event and gave out a free night. A business master stroke and nice move. It certainly incentivised and lifted the spirits of the swinging community, for which may have been a potentially weekend washout. A busy Xtasia with lots of drinking and dancing and a perfect way to say stuff the snow, let’s party still. Noticed their update did mention bring sleeping bags or quilts and get your head down at the club, if the need be, which was an endearing touch. Well done Xtasia! A business run that is customer centric should always remain successful. And well done to all those who came out to support the club. We need that spirit to give us the safe, fun platform that we enjoy in xtasia! 3rd March 2018
  • We visited the club for the first time at the BMFC night over the Easter bank holiday weekend. We have been in a few clubs in the north west where we live but this club is just so good. We where welcomed in and taken round the club to get familiar with what the club had to offer. Great friendly guy made us relaxed from the off. The doormen where really nice and friendly which was a breath of fresh air. The night started it got very busy and this club is just built for fun we met up with a guy that we hadn't seen for over 4 years. So my lady was very happy to see him. We played in one of the rooms where the glory holes where my girl just loved the room enjoying her nice black guy and the other guys who just popped themselves thru the holes. Lol. And a big shout out to the naked black funny guy in the shower area down stairs who was just so full of fun an polite fixing my girls outfit. My girl will find you next time to play. The guys are just so respectful and never once made us feel uncomfortable. The play was fantastic the different areas where just top. Great chill areas. This club has everything, we where going to take a time out after trying this BMFC night but we are now switched onto this club so we will be visiting as often as we can. A big thank you to all you guys who work the bar too. Everything was just perfect and we look forward to seeing you all soon enough. S and J. Xx 20th April 2017.
  • We attended the first Freakers Ball on Sunday evening and what a great night it was. First off... Great call having this event on a Sunday before a bank holiday Monday. Secondly, this has to be something really unique in our "alternative" world where you have people dressed in wild and wicked outfits, naked women dancing on a pole next to a smoking hot woman tied, bound and hung from the ceiling. We are all kinksters to some degree otherwise we would not be in this lifestyle. The Freakers Ball is the first event of its kind in the UK that allows everyone to be a little bit of a freak, alongside hundreds of other freaks, just for one night. I predict that the Freakers Ball will become legendary once word gets out and people realise that the mixture of great music, kinky people and a little bit of torture going on in the background is a really fantastic cocktail. Until the next Freakers Ball, at the Freakers Hall.... Well done team Xtasia and the Freakers Ball. A winner.
  • On the 7th Nov 2015, Paul & Flirt held their own personal wedding service at the club. 500 guests, an entrance to fireworks and sparklers, a service held by a celebrity, and a total new look to the club as seen below. Followed by a few of the nights reviews.
  • Venue
  • As regular members of the club now and firm friends with Paul and Toni it was such an honour to be asked to be a part of their very special evening. This will be the wedding everyone remembers for many years all for their own personal reasons. The venue looked amazing and through having made amazing friends through their journey together these people came together and helped Paul create the master piece he wanted. Toni looked stunning as usual as I prefer her naked, Paul looked amazing in his kilt and has to be mentioned he wore it like a true scot and for the whole evening. From free entry to Sparklers to fireworks, champagne reception, the famous spirit in the sky, tears and lots of laughter. Sexy people from across the uk what more could anyone possibly ask for? Swingers and fetish all packed into the club and not an ounce of trouble, the staff worked incredibly hard all evening and from bar staff, to door staff to general customers helping they deserve a massive shout out. Jay the resident club dj is a must to be seen and plays on a regular basis at the club. The club had over 500 guests in and the club was kept clean throughout and all the rooms were used to their potential. The love that these special to was shared with everyone that attended which I will cherish for a very long time. This is clearly the best club in the uk as the owners share own experiences with all to see, they gave newcomers a free experience and also raised money for their chosen charity this year Macmillan. We love these guys to bits and through knowing them we have made some amazing friends. We have had some amazing nights and will continue to attend at every possible occasion. They are MR and MRS Xtasia and they will only continue to make the club the best it can be ( I don’t know how though it already is.) 8/11/15
  •  Who would of thought that an evening spent in West Bromwich would probably be one of the most spectacular I have ever ever spent. One that I shall remember with fondness for years to come. Emotional, exciting, romantic, stunning and happy. So many happy people. It was epic. For me, the brides entrance was a highlight. Visually stunning and an amazing way of letting the likes of me be involved. So for that thank you. X 8/11/15
  • I just thought I would pen a quick email to let you know that, despite much nerves, etc we came to your club last night. Can I say what an awesome night it was! We have NEVER done anything like this before and were extremely nervous, didn't know what to expect, was worried about 'dirty old men' or unclean environments, etc. How wrong were we! From the start the whole place was spotless with plenty of tissues, wipes, etc and all the rooms felt clean and comfortable. The DJ was awesome playing EXACTLY the tunes we wanted but most of all the atmosphere was nothing short of brilliant. I could not believe how relaxed it was (normally you are on edge in clubs for drunken idiots wanting fights or arguements, etc) everyone was so chilled out. Despite the many shapes, sizes and attire of the different people there not one person batted an eyelid or spoke behind their backs or made fun of them, etc. As such Nicola's confidence went through the roof. We decided before coming that nothing was going to happen, however, this changed over the course of the night!! We stuck to our guns though and decided to go into the Shadow playroom where me and Nic had some 'fun' on our own. Again, the atmosphere and respect for each others privacy was fantastic. Totally put us at ease. We also went into the dungeon where (i wish I had got her number) a tall slim female in red pvc was 'teaching' people the ways of 'bondage' (whips, etc). Not in a seedy way - which I half expected, but very structured, clinical, informative but exciting at the same time. Nicola really wanted to get involved but we didn't want to interrupt her 'work' as it were. I'm sure we will see her again at some point in the future. Paul, the club is a credit to you. Well done. You have us converted!! It's just a shame that we are now going away on holiday for three weeks and can't use our free pass entry to it's full extent as we would have liked to have trialled other nights, etc and get a fuller picture of what is out there. Either way, you shall be seeing us again. Many, many thanks for an awesome, relaxed and confidence-boosting night. 12/10/15
  • Just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for a brilliant night last night. It was the first time for me and my husband to go to anywhere like this and before we arrived we were both out of our comfort zone and feeling so nervous we almost bottled it. Anyway we took the plunge and felt so relaxed as soon as we had been given the tour of the club. Both my husband and I had an agreement that we would say if either of us felt uncomfortable at any point and leave. the  foam was fantastic, just wish it had started earlier as it so good we wanted more. we ended up having such a good time in the couples room where we had some fun with another couple and really enjoyed my husband watching me get down and dirty with another lady. I have always been very shy and concious yet felt so sexy and relaxed all night, I didn't want to leave. Drink prices were spot on and it was so clean it was great. I would like to mention that the photos of the club on the internet put me off, and I think it would help to have some better photos as the club was so much nicer in real life. I would also love to go to a masquerade type night with masks if you ever do something g like that in the future as I think it would be fun to have a mystery element to people being in masks. All in all thank you, we will be back for more. 08/08/15
  • Why do we always recommend xtasia to couples and single females up and down the country who are looking for their first visit to a club? Simply because there is no better, safer, fun place to visit in the UK for your first experience! Paul & Flirt have gone through pain (maybe even literally) to provide the swinging community an adult entertainment centre that has the fine balance between sexy fun on a vanilla platform with plenty of variety that caters for all needs. When you enter xtasia for the first time, you are given a tour of the club and then left in a comfortable, relaxed setting that feels just like you are in a High St nightclub. Couples are dressed to impress & there's absolutely no pressure to do anything. Just soak in the environment and scene, have a boogie or get down & dirty! The choice is yours at your pace! We absolutely love Urban Night (2nd Saturday of every month) and there's no better DJ than Jay to get you in the mood, playing a great array of tracks to set the tempo! Like I said, first timers you can feel comfortable that you will be joining a club that'll have many first timers there too, a few on their 2nd & 3rd visit and then some great regulars! So, see you there soon!!! 14th June 2015
  •  Popped along to the club as we had not been for a while. Into the new Flirts Bar for a couple of beers first to see what they had done. Paul behind the bar pleasant as always. place was clean and very presentable; Excellent job. Went on into the club after, what a superb job they have made of it. We think with the efforts and investment these guys are putting in Xtasia will be not only probably the best club in the country but also will continue when others fall and fail. Congratulations to Paul, Toni and all concerned. Absolutely knockout guys you will be seeing more of us. 25th May 2015
  • Thought we would pay this club a visit and so glad we did,this club is very different to all the others,they treat you as a person and not a pound note sign like some clubs,we were shown around by the manager who put us at ease not that we were nervous,there were so many play rooms and was totally impressed to the quality of the club,they have spent thousands to make it one of the top clubs in Europe,we only wished we lived nearer as we would be regular visitors,the owners have really thought long and hard on the interior and the club was packed with friendly regulars and a mention to the staff,they worked very hard and always had a smile on their faces,thanks everyone for a great time. 10th May 2015
  • Came to Xtasia with a friend the other day and we’re a little apprehensive being two single girls, but we were welcomed and put at ease straight away. The guide was funny and welcoming. He explained everything we needed to know thoroughly. Bar staff were friendly and chatty. As a single woman I didn't feel at all hounded or outnumbered. I felt very safe and extremely sexy all night. The first trip out was meant to be for just a look round but both myself and my friend ended up putting on a bit of a show in different areas.  We met for coffee today and are already planning our next trip! 5th April 2014
  • Dear Paul and Flirt, Just a quick email to say thanks for being so friendly and welcoming on Friday and Saturday night when we came to the club. Friday was our first time in an adult club and we both agree that your club is excellent throughout. You can be absolutely assured that we will back again and again. Congratulations on a fantastic venue. We cant wait to come back. 27/01/2014
  • We were offered the chance to go to Xtasia for one of their free evenings and wow, what can we say! We loved every second of it! The staff were very friendly and helpful, the service was fast and easy, the prices for drinks were spot on, even the music was great, which you don't even get at many more, dare I say it, every day clubs! Thats before I even get into the other rooms. We shared a LOT of fun with ourselves and others that night!As we were leaving we signed ourselves up for a membership and will be coming back soon. Xtasia is a fantastic venue, everybody is friendly, and its such a great atmosphere. Whether you are new to the scene or not, this place leaves you feeling great. Don't pass it up! 9th Dec 2013
  • We're now regulars at Xtasia and love it more with each visit! When we first started on the 'scene' a couple of years ago, this club made us feel really welcome, since then, there been a change in management ( change for the better!!).The atmosphere is relaxed with lots if play areas depending on your mood, silhouette room, video room, cinema, digging, S&M and couples only, it covers everything!!!! It's the kind of place where no means no, it's respectful, courteous and welcoming, brilliant if you are new or 'experienced'. 14th Sept 2013
  • Attended Xtasia for the first time Firday night (Foam Party) after a 6 year break. WOW what a difference, So much better. We felt VERY welcome from the minute the Door supervisor greeted us at the door to the second that we left. ALL the staff was so friendly and approachable and couldnt do enough to help you. The Foam party was out of this world, even tho it did sting the eyes a little bit. Deffinatly looking forward to the next one. 3rd June 2013
  • Just want to say a massive thank you to **** for organizing a fantastic night. really appreciate all your hard work xxx. A huge thanks to Paul, Flirt and all the staff for helping make it a wonderful night. It was great to see friends old and meet some new ones. We had an amazing time and look forward to rejoining soon and attending again. 18th May 2013
  • A huge THANK YOU to everyone at Xtasia who went 'above and beyond' the call of duty last night. Especially the unsung heroines behind the bar ( girls you did a sterling job) and the club security team lads who got everyone in and sorted double quick. Lastly to Paul and the lovely Flirt - great job folks you must be knackered. 18th May 2013
  • Been to a few recent functions and watching the club really sorting things out, both decor and room wise, and functionality in evenings. There's now a plan to events, so you can chose what nights to attend where as before it was always hit and miss. We went along to FFFF which was great fun, met loads of friends and had a blast. Agree that probably too many singles were in, but thats what you get if you invite all, free, so we did expect it really. Admire club for trying it though and they seem to be listening to the feedback which is great. Went along last night to BMFC, had a brill night. Helen had a good team in, all perfect gents, and we were well looked after, first upstairs and then in the camera room, scary for first ten seconds, then a blast, must try it. Music was A1 as well, think they tried another new DJ, he worked and you could see he enjoyed it. Was a good number in, and we really enjoyed the night, nearly persuaded Paul to do a lockin :) Heading back tonight for the new Perves with Curves night, and also put our names down for the Foam Party. Can't wait for that, sounds superb. Just feels great to be getting our old club back again. 11th May 2013
  • Attended the free social last night and was amazed at how busy the club was (470 people!). The staff were all brilliantly sociable and ran the place really well (no waiting at the bar, efficient in the cloakroom and toilets clean & tidy). Love the new layout of rooms, but would prefer a few more private rooms. The new owners really want to bring a quality experience to their customers and are constantly trying to improve facilities. Hopefully lots of people who visited the club for the first time last night saw a top place to have a fun night out. We shall be back for more. 6th May 2013
  • I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed myself last Friday. Your website makes the club look classy and attractive, and the reality lived up to the pictures. All the staff were great - friendly, and did everything with a bit of good humour. I've been to a good few clubs around the country, so am not fazed by walking through the door for the first time, but I can think back to when I was a beginner and I know how important first impressions are, and how newbies need to be put at their ease. Clearly all your staff know this too. As I'm not into vanilla clubbing I wasn't sure how I would feel about the prominence of the dancefloor, but it wasn't an issue - I quickly realised it was simply the main place to congregate. As a first time visitor I wasn't expecting to get involved in much play, but I did manage a little, and I was able to watch a good deal of action and have good and interesting chats with several regulars. All while putting away what must be the cheapest bar drinks in England! Living in Cornwall as I do, my chances to come up-country are limited, but I hope my next visit to Xtasia will be sooner rather than later. A big thank-you to all who were involved and helped provide me with a very enjoyable evening's pleasure. 24th April 2013
  • This is the most friendly and warm club we have visited so far in our swinging career. We traveled from Hampshire for a birthday weekend and were not disappointed. Paul showed us round and could not do enough for us generally. The club has everything you need and more, with lots of unique ideas to make your night fun and memorable. We had a very sexy time in the silhouette room on our own! We hope to come back sometime for more intense fun with others in the not too distant future!! Thank you Paul and the gorgeous Flirt. 16th April 2013
  • Had our second visit to Xtasia last night and had a great time! We are very new to swinging so have been pretty nervous but the staff and regulars there, amongst others, have been so friendly, cannot wait for our next visit, love it! Xx Date: 14 April 2013
  • Nice going to xtasia again. Fourth time. It gets better, and fun with two nice couples. Hope to go to next foam party which flirt (owner) recommended. Date: 14 April 2013
  •  So - the club :What a great place - we will 100% definitely be going back here! Well laid out, well thought out - great detailing and finishing touches around the place, friendly staff and the other visitors were all friendly and chatty. Although we are still very new in the fet scene, in fact - this was only our third fet event, we are starting to feel "at home" with the Fet Life! Look forward to going back next Sunday! 14th April 2013
  • Visited for the 2nd time on 6th April.  The atmosphere was very welcoming and comfortable.  We're not into swinging which is perfectly fine.  We did make use of the dungeon which is our thing and any onlookers were unobtrusive and respectful.  It is a great place just to learn to become uninhibited without pressure.  If you want to take the plunge, we would be happy to recommend Xstasia as a safe place to practice.  We wandered around the other facilities where others were having fun and which we might try in due course.  We stayed at the Premier Inn which was great value for money and a 12 o'clock check out was much appreciated! 11th April 2013
  • WoW Fantastic Amazing... totally loved this weekends 'Cirque de Chaos' event :) I must have been having fun, as time went far too quickly ;) Saw some brilliant performances using a whole arrays of naughty kinky things, what a delight :) Came across a young lady in the doggin area, and welcomed by her partner to give her a lil back scratch and fondle, then whilst i was busy with her - another guy came along and gave me a few licks at the same time. After watching a few more performances, I also found myself being 'tied' and 'electrified' in the cam room by both a female and male friend. Then for some reason, this little 'innocent' school girl (myself) got a mini spank from a number of people in the dungeon at the end of the night ;) Cant wait to attend another sometime, was on a massive high afterwards and now on a eually high come-down now I've come back to reality with a bump.Also gotta say (for future attendees) what fab value the hotel only a few steps away is - room only £29 and was very clean and comfortable to both play and sleep in :) Date: 2 April 2013
  • This was our fist visit to a club and we weren't disappointed . As soon as we arrived we were made to feel welcome although we were very nervous. Paul gave us a guided tour around the club and it was obvious that there were loads of naughty things to do there, so much so that we will have to return. Thanks for a great Saturday night to everyone there and look forward to next time Date: 1 April 2013
  • Cirque De Chaos at Xtasia, wow, we had a great time. The shows we're amazing, the demos dotted around the club were great, everyone had a great time from what we saw and heard. The event was great and so we're all the people who attended. Our first time to Xtasia since  it has bee taken over, loved the changes to the attic and more importantly the now groomed lower floor which just used to be one big room, well done guys you and your staff are  FAB. We are coming again soon xx. Date: 1 April 2013
  • As always another fantastic night at xtasia ;) the new dogging area is incredible and everyone Is so friendly!! Will definitely be back again for more xx Date: 31 March 2013
  • We went to the burlesque night on Saturday the 16th March.  Had a fantastic night, loving the new loft area, lots of fun going on up there now. Lots of people in that night so a really good atmosphere and lots of good music to dance to. Can't wait to go again soon.  Keep up the good work guys. Date: 19 March 2013
  • Visited the club my first time this week and had a good and enjoyable experience with good and genuine people . i am sure that the club will continue to be a popular and paul and flirt are very easy to get on with and a pleasure to meet on here. Date: 16 March 2013
  • Another brilliant night at Xtasia this weekend, I can't get enough of this place! There's always new faces and everyone is well dressed and friendly. The loft and cinema are now open and they've done a brilliant job with both. If you want a clean up market place to go, then this Xtasia is for you. Cheap drinks and an amazing atmosphere! Can't wait to go back, Dave Date: 4 March 2013
  • Our first visit here and what a time to make it. Xtasia was recommended to us by a couple we know and we decided to try it out as a special treat. The foam party last night was outstanding, great fun getting messy and more fun getting cleaned up afterwards. Lots of very friendly people around and the management and their staff were absolutely charming, all in all a great atmosphere. We'll definitely be going back. Date: 3 March 2013
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