Couples are always welcome at Xtasia. Please complete the form below. Once completed you may attend Xtasia. Fill with the male half details, and add the females information in the description box please. Photo ID is needed for all memberships once approved and will be checked on your first visit.

If you've been a member of the club previously on annual membership, but this has now expired, just come along with ID and we'll quickly renew your membership for you at the current rate, for a lifetime membership. You do not need to re-apply here.

Lifetime Swinging Couples Club Membership is currently £20. Once paid to reception on your first visit, plus the entry fee for the evening, you will obtain a voucher to attend the club for 1 month from that date, FOC as many times as you wish. We really do want to make you feel at home.

Entry prices: (For Swing Memberships)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings are Free per couple.

Sunday and Thursday evenings are various prices, please see diary for details

Friday evenings are £20 per couple

Saturday evenings are £30 per couple normally, however other prices apply for specific events.