Xtasia Xcursion

Xtasia is very proud to present a weekend Xcursion for its members during the summer of 2017. The Xtasia Xcursion will run from 4pm on Thursday the 3rd of August to midday Sunday the 6th August 2017.

We are now proud to announce that Townhouse, Wirral will also be joining us. All the below criteria will be used by them as well, so please rest assured we are working extremely closely together.

Location. We are one and a half hours drive away from Xtasia or Townhouse. Therefore if you currently drive for say two hours to get to us, the location is between .5 and 3.5 hours from you, no more. If you are 30 mins from us, then the location is 2 hours maximum away, or could be on your doorstep! We are not going to give out more before the event. Those booked will be informed of our meeting place a few days before the vent starts.

The venue is surrounded by 10ft security fencing, with electronic gates to gain access to the site. Over 150 acres of parkland, woods and lakes awaits us, please don’t expect to be able to swim in the lakes though. This will be our space, and ours alone for the weekend. Friends from The Fetish Community will be camping in another area of the woods, so expect to see all kinds of kink as you wander around the site.

We have identified key areas which we will be using in the following manner. Firstly as you arrive there is a large holding area inside the gates to allow us plenty of time and space to carry out security checks, more will follow on this point in a minute. You then drive to a road which surrounds our camping area.

Camping is a flat area of grassland, on a sandy conglomerate which proves to be flood free nearly all year round. Please note, you need sturdy pegs as the sand conglomerate will bend the thinner pegs! Water points are provided around this site. This area can take approx. 700 tents, but our aim is far more intimate for the first few years. Having unloaded your car at this stage, parking is on a very gentle well drained slope just to the side of the main field. We won’t be allowing cars to park beside tents.

For those of you in camper vans, caravans and RV’s, we have a large hard standing area next to the camping field, capable of housing 100 vehicles. All of this is horizontal with no slopes to negotiate and drainage is not envisaged as an issue at all. We are trying for a toilet empty point, however if possible can you take off site at the end, or carefully use the toilets for emptying if needed.

We then have a main grassed arena area, which currently houses our main clubhouse/bar/first aid and admin point, our central dance marquee for the evenings entertainment, one of the toilet and shower blocks, and will provide our main arena for a play tent, activities such as our foam party and camp fire, etc.

All grass areas are mown grass fields, not meadows, almost of football pitch quality. All hard standing is road quality flat aggregate and not just flattened off mud, etc.

Security. We aim to be pretty tight on security, by limiting who we invite, and the process involved in getting to the site. We aim to keep the location as secret as possible. We have now identified a spot to send all attendees to, to meet a staff member, be checked off on the attendee list, to sign our disclaimer, and to get the final instructions to find the site. This will be manned for sociable hours on arrival days, so you can easily make your way to site. Once you arrive at site, a proper ID check will be carried out before you gain access to the main arena. Those arriving outside these hours will be given contact numbers to gain access.

Who is invited? This is for Xtasia and Townhouse members only. The event is open to all, Swinging and Fetish members, and is totally LGBTQ friendly. You must be members of the clubs, which means we have checked your ID fully well in advance of ticket purchase. You have also already signed our existing T&C’s which means we have already stated to you that working for press and other official bodies is not tolerated and should be made known to us immediately, and you have agreed and signed those terms. It also means we have information already on your visits to the clubs, how many times you’ve been here, and how long you’ve been a member. When you buy your tickets, we will ask for a recent facial photo of you that we can check against on arrival at site. We will also be asking you for your Fab or other site ID’s, so we can check verifications from others, and ensure we see evidence of not only visits, but friends that we can associate with. We would rather an event with 180 great friends, than 400 of which 1 is an unknown. Hence the name, the Xtasia Xcursion. Townhouse will be using the name Townhouse Trek for their members, but it is one and the same event.

What are we providing? Currently we have the location booked, and a central marque sorted. Xtasia and Townhouse staff will make up the core of the help team for the event. We have now ordered additional shower facilities as numbers have reached that level, and we have agreed the usage of a small room to use for the ladies hairdryers and make up area. Generators will be allowed on site (sociable hours please), and water is available at numerous locations around the site. Power for phones etc. is limited, however the site doesn’t have good signal coverage so don’t worry too much.

We currently aim to provide 2 play tents, one in the middle of the arena, and another we’re calling the Mash Up tent, hidden in the woods nearby. The club house will be used as a control tent for staff, first aid, lost property, etc.

The site lends itself to all kinds of fun, outdoors!! Naturism would be welcomed, bondage from trees is anticipated. Sunbathing where ever you wish, woodland walks, the site is yours to relax and be at one with nature all weekend. Thursday evening, as we all settle in, we’ll get a campfire going, and hopefully a few of you will bring along guitars for a good old fashioned friendly sing song. Friday night, we have Ryan Ireland, a superb male vocalist, bringing us the very best of Irish country, classics like Whiskey in the Jar, Wild Rover, and Galway Girl. He’s also promising to get us all Line Dancing and probably River Dancing, main marquee, so should be one hell of a good night. We’re suggesting we all dress Western Style, so Cowboys and Indians are more than welcome. Saturday evening, we have a 4 piece boys group Mikado Grande, entertaining us with everything from the 60’s through to current, classic sing along numbers. Will also be running a foam party in the middle of the arena on Friday or Saturday afternoon. Other activities are planned, but will let you know what they are when you reach site!!

Food. Obviously as most are camping/caravanning then bring your own is the normal first choice. However we will have a good set of alternatives for you all, and if you wish to leave the cooker and pots at home, you’ll easily survive with the choices available. We have a main Breakfast bar, serving full English Breakfast, sausage, bacon, black pudding, toms, beans, eggs, bread, butter, tea and coffee. During the day the same van is doing burgers, hotdogs, fish and chips, kebabs, and sandwiches, and then in the evening doing Chicken Curry or Chilli con Carne, with rice or chips, or Pork with Stuffing and Apple Sauce, as well as Minted Lamb and Onion Gravy. In addition we have a Pizza van, doing Wood Fired Pizzas all afternoon and evening, with a choice from Margarita to spicy. We believe this is the easiest way to go for the moment but again, if numbers start to dictate we offer more, we can open up that option. All caterers are 5 star hygiene rated, and offering food at sensible prices for us, i.e. Pizza’s are 12″ for £5. BBQ’s are allowed if well off the ground please, and you’ll need your own cool boxes, fridges for keeping food cool.

Alcohol. We will have a full bar in place for the sale of alcohol. You will be welcome to bring your own for consumption in tents and vans, but we will have a rule surrounding the main arena area that excludes your own drinks. That way, the bar we provide on site can be profitable in its own right and be of interest to an external supplier. We appreciate its tempting to bring your own into the arena, but lets try to play fair and keep it to our own tents.

Pricing. We are offering numerous options, hopefully one should suit. Prices are as per below, regardless of camping/caravanning options.

Couples: 3 nights at £150. 2 nights at £110.  1 night at £70

Single Men: 3 nights at £100,  2 nights at £80, 1 night at £60, (We will be monitoring numbers to ensure a comfortable level is maintained).

Single Ladies: 3 Nights at £75, 2 nights at £60, 1 Night at £45

Singles are fine to hook up with each other to make couples, but if you do so, then you should be sharing tents please. Groups sharing larger tents together can utilise the best possible pricing ratio for the group.

A number of glamping pods are also available (10 in all), however we wish to set an expectation so we don’t upset anyone. The tent will be erected and dismantled for you in the camping area. It will have a floor mat and light installed. Currently you will need to bring your own blow up mattress and sheets/quilts. We may add a few touches to this, but at this stage no promises are made. Cost of pod for the 3 nights is an additional £150. It’s not available for 2 and 1 night stays at a lower price as we still need to book the pods and labour regardless of the length of stay.

We now have a non-camping option, to make room for groups of friends. This is perfect if you don’t wish to camp, just want to bring a mattress, and then share a lovely cabin, in the woods with good friends. We have 3 cabins, which share a kitchen, and are side by side with a toilet/shower block. Each cabin has room for 6 people sleeping, so we’re going to offer them up as a block booking for £300 per cabin, for the 3 nights. Fill it with friends and that’s £50 per trip each. You can of course book the cabin for just 4 or 5, or 2 or 3 of you, but at the same price…its up to you if you want that extra space and freedom. First come first served on this…get chatting with friends quickly, once they’re gone, that’s it.

How to book. We are taking bookings directly on the Xtasia or on the Townhouse telephone numbers, or at either receptions when visiting. When you book, please have your Xtasia or Townhouse membership card available. We will need your full name and address details, plus your User name on Fab or other sites. We will need full payment made for the days you wish to join us for. We will also need a recent facial photograph of attendees sending through to us. If for whatever reason the event fails to occur, we will refund all monies paid to us in full.

We have discussed sharing travel with each other. Some are unable to drive and the location isn’t that close to a train station, so we are suggesting you contact either club, and leading up to the event, we’ll do a car share scheme to get non-drivers to site and back from the club, not offering to pick folks up from homes!

Additional notes. No pets. Mountain Bikes are allowed, and plenty of great tracks to try out. Cash only cheap bar. Please clear up after yourselves. Be extremely sensible if a smoker!

We are not going to guarantee a good time! This is Xtasia taking you somewhere new, a chance to join us, and loads of other members in a little place of perfect tranquillity. A chance to get away and enjoy yourselves for an entire weekend with like-minded adults. A chance to explore, and be as one with nature and the environment.

Can we also add, having met Vic and Jim on site, and having spent time with them chatting through the project, we really do feel comfortable working with them, and honoured that they’ve agreed to join us and look forward to a superb weekend. Together, we can all make this a very special event.

Would you like to join us?


As only a few days away now, we’ve added the below list as items you may wish to check you have with you:

ID – you’ll need to prove who you are to get in.

Tent if camping – (obviously)

Airbed or camp bed (the former is more comfortable)

Pump if using an air bed

Tarpauline for under the tent (if it’s not built into your tent already)

Sleeping bag (we bring a duvet)

Sheet for over the airbed (they get a bit sweaty otherwise, even with a sleeping bag)

Small Stove

Gas cylinders

Camping table



Cool bag/box


Mugs for tea/coffee

Chairs (with drinks holder holder is handy, you’ll also need these for the night time events)

First aid kit

Mallet for tent pegs

Toilet roll

Hand roll

Baby wipes

Anti bac wipes (for the communal toilets if your ocd like me!)

Torch x 2 (we lost one of ours in the tent madness!)

Dust pan and brush for inside tent

Mat for outside tent to wipe muddy shoes so tent doesn’t get shit high


Bottle opener teabags/coffee


Tea Towels

Bin bags

Ipod/music of some sort



Bath Towels x 2

Hand Towel x 2

Face cloth

Toothpaste/toothbrush Meds (if applicable)


Hairdryer/straighteners (but I’d just wear hair in piggies or something and not bother!)

Make up

Shampoo/shower gel




Flip flops/sandals for the shower

Sunscreen (hopefully we need it!)




Selection of clothes but don’t overdo it!

Waterproof jacket Socks – lots in case they get wet


Pretty things for outside tent ie solar lights, bunting, flag etc…

Food and alcohol if bringing your own