Here at Xtasia we appreciate times are hard economically. To that end, we've tried to assemble some real money saving schemes for you to browse through, prior to planning a visit to us. (Please note the events Dpraved  and Cirque de Chaos are organised by outside organisations, and do not fall under any of our discounted offers of admission).

  • New Members. In order to give you a really good idea of what Xtasia can offer on its various nights, we are now offering all new Members the following once they've joined. You pay full membership fee, plus the entry for your first night, and get a card that allows you in to any other event we run, for the next 2 months, free of charge. You could use it for around 32 events (if a couple), saving around £320 on entry fees, or if a single then 16 events saving £320!!! The offer excludes two events, Dpraved and Cirque de Chaos. Every time you renew your yearly membership, we'll issue the same voucher, giving you another 2 free months access.
  • VIP Memberships. For those who aim to make Xtasia their club of choice, we are now offering VIP memberships. In return for an agreed monthly payment, VIP members may attend the club as many times as they wish, free of any entry charge, on applicable days. Couples VIP Membership costs £35 per month, and allows free entry on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Single Male VIP Membership costs £40 per month, and allows free entry on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Single Female VIP Membership costs £20 per month, and allows for free entry on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Fetish VIP Membership is £20 per month, and allows for free entry on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.
  •  2 Night Pass for Xtasia. We are happy to provide a 2 night deal to any member who wishes to visit on both Friday and Saturday nights. Mention it on the Friday to reception, and we'll give you £10 off Saturdays admission price. Only valid if paying full price entry on the Friday.
  • Guest Passes. We don't do a guest pass, as all entry needs to be covered by our Membership system, however we do appreciate some visitors are from overseas, members of the Armed Forces or just live some distance away and are unable to make a firm commitment to visit regularly. If holders of overseas passport, or warrant card for Forces, or have ID showing location is extremely remote from us, and you only expect to visit once per year, then we are happy to offer half price annual membership to you. £5 per couple and females, £15.00 per single male, instead of paying the full amount.
  • We have recently removed our loyalty system, and replaced it with the above 2 months free club access. We feel this is more appropriate to give you a good understanding of all the events we run.
    • Weekend Away. We know many of you visit Chameleons Darlaston, Liberty Elite, R3tro Walsall or The Private Club Aston so why not make a weekend of it? If planning a trip to the West Midlands, especially from distance, then why not combine two clubs over the Friday and Saturday nights, especially with so many good hotels in the area.
    • Annual Memberships are for 12 months from the day they are taken out. You are free to renew on next visit after expiry, it does not need to be taken out exactly when it ends, or every January as other clubs work.

    Please keep your eye on this section for additional "deals" we may throw your way every so often.